I've been thinking about a new focus for this blog for quite a while, and I'm finally going to take a stab at it. I still want this blog to be about style - everything that inspires and excites me in the realm of fashion - but I've realized that my style has become a lot more focused.

It's been about 8 months since I moved back home from NYC, and yet in all that time, I still find myself shopping for my New York City life rather than the life I'm leading now. Though my style has changed since then - I wear far fewer heels and dresses (much to my dismay), way more skinny jeans, sneakers, and far more leggings and oversized tops.

(left, one of my favorite dresses)

A big part of my style in NYC (or perhaps the only part - daytime was more of a 3pm to 6am kind of deal for me) was influenced by nightlife and all of those great nights out. I remember telling a friend that I couldn't possibly know what music was out unless it had played at Marquee or some other club, and I now have a box full of heels that are now beyond repair, destroyed by concrete, alcohol, and dancing on top of couches all night.

I really wanted this blog to be about the parties and what I wore, but nightlife in the suburbs of Chicago (or even in Chicago) is not quite the same. I was shopping one day in October, and I found it vaguely amusing and yet incredibly alarming that the girl who rang up my purchases asked me if I was planning to attend a lot of parties that weekend.

(right, one of my favorite outfits... before I lost the belt buckle. still looking for a replacement)

The point is, even if I'm not out partying with my favorite girls at our favorite places in NYC, I still want to shop and dress for it. So for now, that's what this blog will be about - what influences my style, what I wish I was wearing out tonight, and every once in a while, photos of nights out and what I wore.


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