bows & kisses

Here are some highlights from Thursday night... My friend and I went to the Armani Ristorante for dinner, and then hung out at Metro 53 and Griffin.

Fingerless Gloves: Forever 21
Jacket: H&M
Skirt: Victoria's Secret Pink
Dotted Tights: American Apparel
Zipper Pumps: Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret


kirstyb said...

that skirt is gorgeous xxx

stephanie said...

Love the skirt!

Thanks for your comment :)
All the magazines i own are in that library or on the floor in two relatively smaller stacks next to the library. the latest issues are on the top of the library. The library's shelves are double-stacked, front and back. A LOT of heavy lifting went into moving those magazines lol!
don't throw them out. they make a beautiful collection and are a great accent to any fashion obsessed home :)
The only thing i would suggest is careful editing. in the move i had to cut out all the teen vogues (because i no longer read them) and some harper's bazaar. i edit based on interest and value. i will never toss paris vogue, US vogue, W or ELLE. and a lot of the editions i have are European :)


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