help me find some leather pants or leggings!

I've recently been searching for the perfect pair of leather pants or leggings. This pair by Preen from Net-a-Porter is perfect. But, unfortunately I can't afford the gorgeous Preen version, so I've been searching for an affordable pair.

These two are from shopbop. The pants on the left are by Blank denim, but they are out of my size! Ahhh I should've gotten them when I had the chance. The pair of leggings on the right are by Alice + Olivia

I think I like the Blank ones best - I like how they are a motorcycle pant, with pockets and all. The Alice + Olivia ones are cool though - leather and denim! How cool is that??

Any of you guys have any advice? Any great leather pant/legging finds? 


Cindy said...

i love the preen pair! helmut lang makes my favs but they are so pricy. i got an affordable pair on ebay, they're from topshop and i love them.

out of the two you've shown i like the blank pair the best. i think some other denim brands make versions, maybe paige or siwy??
try leather brands too, i know danier leather makes some good affordable pairs and i wouldn't look to them at first as i don't see them as :youthful" but i was surprised.

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