summer nights

The perfect summer evening: drapey, comfy clothes with splashes of leather, and the excitement of meeting someone new... 

I need to pick up a copy of this i-d Magazine as soon as possible!! And I know that I'll be watching this video over and over as summer progresses. =) 

Two strangers meeting, and parting in the morning, no strings attached. An amazing night shared in the process.  This is how things should be!

Despite that, I could not stop thinking about that feeling you get when you first meet someone - like you're in your own world, just the two of you, and nothing else matters. Hours, and sometimes even days pass, and it's as if time stands still. Nothing else can get in.

The point is, this video is gorgeous, and I absolutely love the whole concept of this shoot. <3

This series really prompted me to think about marketing and brand strategy. I think this is an all-around brilliant collaboration from i-d Magazine and, where these looks are available. While many companies do short films (we can't forget Karl's amazing film for Chanel Resort last week, or past Chanel short films!), I wish more brands would be more interactive in their approaches. How amazing could it be if you could shop a look directly from the video? (This is getting there!) And if everything was somehow integrated with social media or even cell phone technology?

I really think that the future of marketing lies in these types of multi-faceted approaches, and not just for the fashion or luxury industries!

Behati Prinsloo & Jamie Strachan
Meet Me at the Corner
i-D Magazine Summer 2010
directed by Jay Rodan & Kayt Jones

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