I've been somewhat ignoring the Internet for a while (by that I mean Facebook, Twitter, etc) - I'm sure that much is obvious...

In my return to Internet life I've discovered that,

1)I have become very lazy this summer in terms of utilizing my wardrobe. According to Daytum, this very addictive site where you can count (and chart!) just about anything, I have worn only 4 of my 36 pairs of shoes (that I can remember) and used only 3 purses, if I've used one at all. Why anyone would want to know this information besides me, I'm not sure... lol

2)Keeping up with Twitter updates is just impossible if you're not doing it constantly... and even if you are, that just means you'll sit there for hours. Hmmm.

3)Sephora has made many new updates to its beauty rewards program - which makes me very happy!

4)I posted some things on eBay from my closet clean up. As a result, my mom refrains from lecturing me about the state of my room/closet. But there's still soooo much to post... ugh. Should I just take it all to a resale shop?


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