denim + lace

I spent maybe 2 hours on editing my closet today. (I don't want to think about the extreme chaos that is the state of my closet right now - i.e., my wardrobe is currently on my bedroom floor, and has been since July. This doesn't facilitate walking through my room or getting to the things that are actually in my closet. But that's a whole other story!)

I found an old denim/chambray spaghetti strap dress that I think would be way cute if I shortened it and wore it over a sheer lace top... Or the little lacy bedjacket type short sleeve tops I found! Perfect for my recent lace obsession.

tumblr/unknown/weheartit william rast spring 2010/elle italia feb 2010

Or imagine all this lace from Rodarte FW2010 with a splash of denim... mmmmmm!


Sequins♡Sparkles said...

love the second pic! love stefany's style and blog. i have that pic on my blog too!
and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. to make a blogroll is so easy but difficult to explain, i bet you'll find it out soon :)

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