winter obsession: white minidresses

It started snowing again today. I'm not even kidding, it has snowed just about every other day for about two weeks. I'm kinda over it, though I do have to admit it was perfect White Christmas snow today. (Let's note that it's NOT Christmas!)

At one point on my drive home, I couldn't see anything except white, and the snow was just whirling towards me. It was quite pretty - now if only I wasn't driving in it!  

It was a bit like this photo, only... dark and not so cute. Lol. 
(Source, weheartit)

I want an all white minidress like my friend is wearing here! It was such a cute eyelet minidress. And it wouldn't hurt to be out partying either! I always could brave the snow for that, which amazes me. I'd be out in heels, all bundled up in all the worst rain and snowstorms last year (with an umbrella, of course.)

(Photo taken at Citrine, last winter)
What about this cute mini-dress modeled by Miranda Kerr in the February issue of Vogue Russia? Wouldn't it be cute with some studded accessories and sky-high ankle boots? (Source, weheartit)


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